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About Spry

I have always entertained thoughts of making my own programming language. Ever since 1994 I have been an avid Smalltalker and I was for many years very active in the Squeak community. The Smalltalk coding experience and environment is in many ways still completely unmatched.

But Alan Kay is right that Smalltalk and Lisp "tend to eat their young" which may be a slightly obscure phrase, but I think both these two camps are so comfortable in their respective environments that they have stopped even thinking that things can be improved, that we can still innovate. I think it's about time to move forward!

And now that I have found a really fast implementation language that I actually enjoy working in, I started burning in late 2015.

The language is called Spry but was initially named Ni (as in the Knights Who Say…), but I decided to rename it. Spry has a good ring to it, it seems fairly nice to google and I managed to catch, but for various reasons ended up with the Swedish TLD instead,

And #sprylang is a good hash for twitter. :)