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Refreshed web site


Refreshed web site with new theme for MkDocs and fixed the web site REPL.

Discord server


I really like Discord for most of my chat needs these days, so I created a Spry server - join in!

New Top Level Domain


For various reasons Spry now lives at

Created Google Group


A mailinglist forum is great for a programming language IMHO, we have gitter but for more lengthy "out-of-band" discussions I prefer a list. Here it is:!forum/sprylang

Benchmarking Spry vs Squeak 5.1


I posted an article on my blog about some small benchmark snippets that I tried in both Squeak 5.1 and current Spry. Back in may I also wrote another article looking at other performance aspects.

I have also started an article on this site comparing Spry and Smalltalk.

Is Spry a Smalltalk?


I posted an article on my blog exploring what Smalltalk is and if Spry qualifies as one.